LG PC Suite for Windows

File LGPCSuite-Setup.exe
LG PC Suite is a PC application designed to synchronize LG technology (smartphones and tablets) for convenient management of multimedia content and other applications. With LG PC Suite you can:
- Copy multimedia content to your smartphone.
- Update the software of your smartphone.
- Play multimedia content from a PC on your smartphone.

With LG PC Suite, you can update the software of your mobile device via a USB connection (if a new version of the software is available).
- Not all mobile devices support software updates.
- Connect your mobile device to the computer using a USB cable.
- On your mobile device, select the USB connection in the notification window
- Select Media Setup (MTP) if it is not selected automatically. The media device (MTP) must be selected before LG PC Suite recognizes the connected device.

Added : 17/02/2018
Size : 206.3 Mb
Download file by direct link : LGPCSuite-Setup.exe